Brooksville Fl. photo session | Chinsinghut Hill |Trey & Damon

Hernando County child photographerOh how I just adore the kids I’m blogging about today. I’m lucky enough to say I’ve been photographing them for 3 years now! I truly can’t believe how much the children have grown and changed since I first met them.Just last year we had our session at Pine Island.  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Aren’t these two just ADORABLE!  Their personalities are exploding when I see them.  It is a true blessing to have such well behaved, fun and full of life families to work with.Back to this year’s session now, let’s just dive right into these two and let me update you on what they have been up to.

These goofballs aside from monkeying around, laughing and having a great time day in and day out, have been spending their summer hanging out, watching movies, going on their family vacation and as usual, hitting the hockey rink.  Trey is 9 and still involved with hockey and Damon is now 4 and has taking a liking to guitar.When Tiffany (Mom) called me to take their photos again, I don’t think I could have scheduled them fast enough. And as for the day of the shoot, I had so much fun! They had a pretty great time, too.  Aside from it being the typical Florida summer weather, I think we got some awesome shots before the sweating started to show.I asked Tiffany what she enjoys about her photo sessions with KGP.  She replied, “It’s very relaxed. It is always nice when your photographer embraces your kids active ways.”  Thank you Tiffany.  It is my goal to provide exactly that to my clients.Okay, enough text. Check out some more photos of these two cuties.



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