The Gregson Family


This post is waaaaaay overdue.  I am, however, very excited to be blogging about this family.  Last year when I photographed the Gregson family for their Christmas photos, I didn’t get around to a blog post about them, like many of my shoots during that busy time of the year. Now, 8 long months later, I finally am!

Declan, the tiniest boy of the family will be one year old in September  and when I received the party invite ( yes , Ashlea a.k.a. Mom, is that good) I knew it was time to bring back their pictures and show you fine subscribers.

Let me start off my introducing theses 3 cuties.  We have Porter, the oldest and sweetest little boy I know. Porter is a born soccer player, lover of Star Wars, huge help with his baby brother, and his moms biggest fan. Porter will be in Kindergarten this August.

Next, is Liam. Now, Liam is your typical middle child.  He loves to follow and do what his big brother does.  He loves to do everything and anything that will push his Mom’s buttons, but those baby blue eyes are his saving grace when it comes to getting in trouble. Liam also enjoys being a big brother, Star Wars, and has more energy then you can believe.

To complete this family, we have Declan.  The happiest baby I have EVER  met!! This boy came out of the womb smiling.  Contrary to the photo above,(haha)  he will laugh and smile at everything. Declan was a bit confused about my camera that day. I can only imagine what is going on in his little mind!? This boy is speed crawling everywhere now!


Now, we can’t forget who made this gorgeous family….Mom and Dad, or as I call them, Ashlea and Chris.  Ashlea and Chris have been married for 8 1/2 years but dated for 4 years. They originally lived in New Port Richey then moved to Brooksville, and now live Spring Hill.  This family has 2 fur babies named Froggie and Lili . Froggie is a miniature pincher and Lili is a chihuahua min pin mix.  These are the original babies before the kiddos.

I am very honored to know this family and love their company. Please enjoy a few more photos from their session.


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