School is out. Summer is in.

IMG_6126Congratulations to each and everyone of those who have completed either their first year of school, another year of school, and most importantly graduating high school.For the past 3 summers I have had so much fun photographing kids for the “back to school” photos.  Regular school photos are fun, but these bring out their personality.  Here are some quick looks from some of my adorable kids who participated in last years back to school photo fun.

Now this kid right here… I am so proud of.  This is Jadon, our oldest of the three amazing little humans my husband and I are raising.  I’m usually not one for posting photos of our kids all the time, but he is now on his way to second grade and he has made us incredibly  proud parents with all his achievements. I include in his adorable (biased, naturally) collection of photos a few from each year documenting his entrance to school.



Jadon, from the day you were born, Dad and I knew you could move mountains. You are such a driven little boy. You’re selfless, loving, talented, intelligent and overall wonderful person.  We are so proud to be your parents.  Keep up the hard work, son. We love you to infinity and beyond.




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