So happy to finally get this girls pictures done!  This shoot was planned MONTHS ago.  Shawna,  who is Shyla’s mom said it right, “third time was a charm.”   We had to reschedule 3 times!  Yes, you read that right, T H R E E!     Sadly this wasn’t the only clients I had scheduled and rescheduled  due to rain and plain ole’ crappy weather.  But, that’s life, right?

Shawna and her friend Vanessa decided to do a shoot together for their girls, Shyla and Kailyn. They have been friends since their brothers started playing baseball together, 5 or 6 years now which is also when the moms met.  The two built a friendship quickly while at baseball and ironically dance together at Tina’s Dance Academy. They fight like sisters sometimes but love like sisters much more.

  When I asked Shawna what kind of look she was going for in her photos when she originally booked, she said she just wanted something fun, beautiful and showing the girls personalities.  Nothing formal about these pictures. She wanted to step out of the box a bit and away from that boring white sheet backdrop that has been the “go-to” dance pictures for so many years now.


Shyla Brees Fleming.  A 10 year old who loves to dance, sing and is all about the stage. My friend right here  is smart, witty and has a unique love of all creatures and animals. Did I mention her personality is so much fun?  I always look forward to seeing her at our sessions.


Shyla started dance at about 3 ½ years old.  Currently she takes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Acro.  Goodness girl! I must say your love for dance shines through in your photos.




 I asked Shawna to provide you readers with any tips for parents thinking of planning a beach themed dance photo shoot.  Shawna replied with, ” Take them after you are completely done with the costumes, meaning after recitals and competitions. They will get wet and dirty. Also go into the shoot focused. Because of the sunset you are on a definite race against losing daylight. Know what you want to do or at least have an idea as well as the order of the costumes.”        Thank you Shawna for listing all these very important tips.

At Kimberly Gore Photography, I strive to bring out all my clients personalities.  Dance photos are so fun and unique to each individual.  I was never a trained dancer, so I’m sure the girls get a good laugh at me when I give them “dance pose” ideas.    I’ll just stick to photography, haha.


 Thank you so much Shyla for being you!  You are a joy to be around.  I’m so happy to know you and your family.  Shawna, it’s been I think 4 years now since I started taking your families photos and I am so happy you found me.  Thank you for your ongoing business and friendship.  And if anyone is looking for a Rodan + Fields consultant, she is your go to girl!  Check her out here.  Plus, she always posts my work there too 😉


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