Pine Island, Hernando Co. Fl | Beach Photo Session with the Konz Family

Cake smashing fun on the beach!

Meet the Konz family, y’all. Traveling from Lancaster Kentucky to visit family in Brooksville Florida. Casey and her husband decided they wanted some family photos taken on a beach. When I got the call and heard Casey’s adorable southern accent, I just had to nail the consultation! I knew she and her family would be so much fun to hang with and capture memories. And that we did, my friends.

We met up at Pine Island where the beach, to our surprise, was PACKED! I’m talking there was people everywhere! I was so up for the challenge. TGFPS! That is my acronym for “THANK GOODNESS FOR PHOTOSHOP”. Seriously, it was nuts! Babies, buckets, bikinis and swim trunks were EVERYWHERE!!!

Before I showcase this adorable family, let’s dive in to their lives and learn a bit about the Konz family.

Alex, aka Dad, is a lineman that spends his days constructing power lines and responding to disasters as needed. A very hardworking man per Casey, and it sure sounds like it to me when describing her husband.

Casey, aka Mom, is a respiratory therapist who spends her days helping those lucky Kentucky patients breath better. She currently manages 80 ventilators!

Braxon, their rainbow baby who always is smiling, loves everything to do with water and people. So appropriate to have his smash cake on the beach, right?!

I mean seriously! How can this kid gets any cuter? I wish I looked that adorable after stuffing my face with cake!

Braxon loves bath time, food, riding the rzr around the yard with this mom and dad. He loves to play outside and enjoys anyones company.

When I asked Casey what her favorite part of the session was, she replied with Braxon eating his cake. I couldn’t agree more! I mean look how much fun that was. And so many people besides us enjoyed watching him eat as well. He had an entire audience! Families just stopped to smile and watch him.

Thank you so incredibly much Casey and Alex for having me be the photographer of choice for your photography needs while visiting Florida. I’m so excited for your next visit! My readers will be waiting for the update on Braxon.

Toy Story 3 themed photo shoot | Jameson is 3!!!!

 I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt when I photographed this ray of sunshine, Jameson. And thank goodness for his light because it was raining during this entire session.  Yup…RAINING, dark and dreary!  So props to Danny ( Jameson’s Dad) who held the umbrella over my head and camera to capture these fun images.  When it comes to photography, just the word “rain” brings such panic to me, but I must say this session is one to surely remember!

So a little history on Jameson.  Introduced to his parents over 4 years ago when I first met them for their maternity session.  I immediately clicked with them and before I knew it, I had a call to photograph baby Jameson at his newborn session.  While Jameson was so much fun to photograph, I was still finding my niche in photography and shortly realized that newborn photoshoots wasn’t for me.  

I won’t ever forget the day I walked into his nursery.  All decked out in Disney. It was so tastefully done too.  I was totally digging all the small details of all the current Pixar movies and that storm trooper! It was my size!  Well, I guess that isn’t saying much considering I am under 5 feet tall, but seriously, it greeted me at the door!  

In any event, I must have said at some point during that newborn session that we should totally use this picture when we take his 3 year photos.  And apparently, after all these years, Kalyn remembered me saying that.  Here is the frame I was talking about that was hanging on the wall in his nursery.




Such a serious face, Jameson. I think he was going for the 3 and I’m sophisticated look. Well, thank you again Kalyn and Danny for having me hang out with you and this dapper 3 year old.

Everyone please enjoy a few more images from this session as well as some from his 1 and 2 year old session to reminisce. You can find them linked here and here.

Hernando County Family Photographer | Crews Lake Park | The Neal Family |Kylie turns 3


It was my very first time photographing the Neal family and I am so happy I got this referral from yet another great client.  Let me introduce to you, Eric, Danielle, & the adorable princess, Kylie. If you haven’t figured it  out yet, Kylie just turned 3 and her parents are so excited to celebrate this birthday with her.

The Neal family enjoys visiting Disney and riding bikes together. The family consists of Eric, the loving father and husband. Danielle, a very caring and fun mother and wife. And the sweetest cutie pie, Kylie, who is very smart, beautiful and three years old now!

I really enjoy photographing milestones like this.  It is such a great way to have fun and relax with my clients and just let them enjoy each other as I capture it all!

Take a look at these adorable photos of Kylie and us celebrating her 3rd birthday!

Thank you Neal family for sharing a little piece of your heaven with me.  I really enjoyed my time with you! See you soon!!

Brooksville Florida first birthday photo session |Serenity is one and she’s cake smashin’


Hi again, everyone!

I have a hard time facing the fact that little Serenity is already a whole year old. But you know what 1-year-old birthdays mean? Cake. And smashing cakes, of course! Serenity will be 1 on July 18 and her parents Josh and Cierra couldn’t be more proud of their baby girl.

Before I get to the adorable photos I know you came here for, I have to share pictures from her previous session with me at the families holiday photos. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone!


Since then, she has been enjoying playing patty cake, bath time, sweet potatoes and strawberries.  Serenity is crawling, walking, babbling, having conversations, says mama, dada, baba, and waves hi and bye.

And that, my friends, brings us to her 1-year smash the cake photos.

Cierra and Josh gave her a quick nap prior to the session and boy was she ready to go when the photo shoot began. This session was filled with pink and gold and CAKE! Gotta have the cake!



As you can see, Serenity thoroughly enjoyed her smash the cake session.  I know I’d have fun playing in cake!

But what happened before all the smashing’?  Check out some pictures “before the smash” occured.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks blog post.  Thank you for always coming back to pick up what I’m putting down. You all mean the world to me!