Family photo session at Crews Lake Park | Justin, Mackenzie & Abel

Family photo session at Crews Lake Park

Hi, everyone!

The family I’m blogging about today is so much fun. I’m lucky enough to say I’ve been photographing the Grosos family for over 2 years now! I truly can’t believe how much the family has grown and changed since the early stages of Mackenzie’s pregnancy.

military baby

If you remember back when this photo was taken, Justin was away serving our country.  I know the maternity pictures are very dear to him and are still a favorite of  mine when I look back.

It was always an honor that when Mackenzie would come back to Florida to visit family that she would book sessions with me.  Being that she lived in a different state, it was a really fun time planing and the anticipation of the session was a little more special as it was factored into her trip.

And as for the day of the fully family shoot, I finally got the chance to shoot the entire family….ekkkk what a joy that was:

Abel was 6 months old here.  That boy grew so fast and is such a happy baby.

Fast forward to now, I am really thrilled that Justin is home for good and the family will also be residing in Florida now.  Yay!!!

Okay, enough text. Check out the wonderful family recently photographed.  Mackenzie was excited to have incorporate her mother and brother into this session.

Here are a few facts about this family of 3:

Favorite family activity is going to the park and enjoying time together.

Justin loves working on cars, Abel loves to play with his puppy named princess and Mackenzie love to dabble in make up.

When I ask her what she enjoyed our her session, she replied:   you make us feel at home and enjoy Abel just as much as we do as parents.

Words of wisdom for a session with a one year old: make sure the baby has a nap before family photos 😂😂😂👍🏻….haha yes Mackenzie, this is always a must!  Thank you for letting potential clients know this.

Enjoy the photos ya’ll!


Until next time, Grosos family!

Brooksville Florida family photos | Chinsinghut Hill Manor House |Dana, Pete & their party of 5!


Now I can’t even describe to you how much I adore Dana and her family.  Now I’m gonna get a little sentimental on you.  Dana and I go back….like way back… no seriously, I’m talking Kindergarten 1987.

Yup, for those of you didn’t know my age, you can now figure that out.

If you are interested in hearing about this, keep on reading… otherwise I give you permission to skip my trip down memory lane and get straight to the photos. Although I will tell ya, me and Dana…we were so dang cool! Even before we entered the crazy world of 3 kids.

Meeting in Kindergarten, back in Staten Island, New York, we became inseparable. Once we found out that we were born hours apart, we immediately connected as did our families.  As every girl did growing up in that era, we had sleepovers, made up dances to Ice Ice Baby and the Humpty Dance! Enjoyed talking about New Kids on the Block, the boys in our class, and so much more! Who remembers the Humpty Dance!!!!!???

Right before third grade began, Dana had taken a terrible fall off her bike and hurt her leg, keeping her out of school for a significant amount of time.  I’ll never forget all those days bringing homework to her and just hanging out with her while she was unable to go out and play.

We made it through third, fourth and fifth grade until I found out I was moving to Florida after my fifth year of school was over.   I was devastated to say the least.  That last summer was one I won’t forget.  I think we spent almost every day together with sleepovers from my home one to hers.  Swimming in our pools and having all the girls over for group slumber parties ,playing girl talk and that silly Ouija board.

After the first year of living in Florida, Dana and her family came to visit.  We stayed in touch and I visited a few times but then one day I got an amazing call.  They were moving to Florida!  And to Spring Hill!!!! I couldn’t believe it!

I had already graduated high school and was attending college away from home. It was so great to come home and see her.

Time has past and we now have families, but the past will always be in my heart.  I have so many AHHHMAZING memories of my childhood because of this girl.  It’s so great to see her when I do and her beautiful children.  Pete, you’re not so bad yourself 😉

Now onto this family and the photos, shall we?

Beach days and family outings to Busch Gardens are just a couple of the things the Gressick family enjoys doing together.


Braelyn is 6 and the oldest of their crew.  She enjoys learning all new and interesting facts.

Kendall, the “middle child” is 4 and loves to dance.

Logan is the “baby” and like most boys, he likes his superheroes.


This is my favorite photo! This is real life, people! The kids are hot, dirty and spent! The parents have given up and decided that they have reached the dark side. It is so normal for this to happen. As a mater of fact, 9 out of 10 sessions with kids around this age, tend to end with the parents saying……”okay, we are done!”

The pictures get processed and tears are brought to their eyes when they realized I was right when I said, “I promise, you are going to LOVE your images.” They forget all about the chaos and remember the memories of that session and all the fun they had when looking back at what I captured for them. Real life, real love, real moments, real memories.

I asked Dana about her favorite parts of the session.  Here was her answer:

Capturing those moments you don’t normally get to capture… like when the wheels started falling off and the porch became a jungle gym, Kim was able to capture one of my most favorite snap shots of all three of my kids jumping off the porch. Moments like that are what made our session so special.

Don’t stress, Kim will be sure to capture every essence of your beautiful family.



Thank you to Dana and Pete for always coming back to me! Your family is beautiful and a joy to “work” with.  If this is work, I never want to stop!

Downtown Tampa |Senior Photography Session | Hailee Rose| Nature Coast High School Graduate

Tampa Senior Photographer

Welcome back to my bloggy blog world!  This beautiful girl is Hailee.  A graduate from Nature Coast Technical School. As you can see from the balloons she is holding, we are celebrating her and how she is no longer a high-schooler!  Way to go, girl! Class of 2018. While attending Nature Coast, Hailee was a NCT Shark cheerleader for ALL FOUR YEARS.  She spent her free time working and spending quality time with family and friends.   These balloons gave us a headache.  There was a little bit of wind and of course the balloons took the brunt of it.  After several takes, we finally got that “wow” image.

In the fall, Hailee will be an official college student attending a state college, PHSC. While attending school there, she will be majoring in Emergency Services.

I loved the outfits that Hailee brought to the shoot. For example, that adorable blue dress that looked so great with and without her cap and gown. But check out this simple and casual look that complimented her so well.

The cute flowing pants paired so nicely with this off the shoulder top.  It added just the right amount of sophistication and playfulness that exemplifies her personality.

To say we had fun at this session was an understatement.  While I always have a fun time with all my clients when shooting, this one made my cheeks hurt.  Hailee has such a fun personality and is such a joy to be around. It is so important to have a great time during a shoot like this, or any session for that matter.  But when it is a one on one, just relax and be you!  That is exactly what she did.  She came with some poses in mind, and we used them as a starting point and expanded from them.

With the package that she chose, it entitled her to a couple different locations. Her first location had to be dog friendly so she can bring along her 6 month old pup Chloe.  GAAAAHHHH, how precious are these two!! I’m such a dog lover, so when anyone wants to bring their fur-babies, I’M TOTALLY GAME!

I’m a sucker for black and white photos, but let me also show you some color!

When I asked Jenny, Hailee’s mom if she could change one thing about the session, she said, ” I wish I didn’t procrastinate so long in getting them done.”  This is so important for anyone who is interested in getting Senior Sessions done.  Especially when using the package Jenny chose for the extra locations for Hailee.  We had 2 separate days that we had to book.

I asked Hailee if she had any tips for other girls getting their hair and make up done for their sessions. She replied with…natural!  I totally agree with that.  It also helps that your mom is a hair stylist.  So Jenny was able to get that girl just perfect and natural looking.  Head on over to Southern Dreams Salon to check out all the amazing things they offer there.  It is an adorable shop with so much more than hair.

I wanted to give Jenny the opportunity to write something to her daughter.

I am beyond proud of you Hailee Rose and all of your accomplishments this far. You have overcome so many obstacles and diversions and somehow remained true to yourself! You are an amazing, beautiful, young lady with an incredibly strong will.  You are the wildest soul I know and have the ability to make anyone laugh. Your smile is contagious and I am so blessed to be your mom.  It is amazing to see how you’ve grown so far and I look forward to watching and cheering you on as you achieve your goals and chase your dreams everyday.     Love, Mom

Here is proud mom, Jenny and her graduate, Hailee.


Best of luck to Hailee. I know you’ll be very successful. Keep dreaming the dream, sticking to your goals, and you’ll do the impossible. I just know it!

For anyone interested in getting their High School Senior photos done, I have several packages to fit all you needs.  Shoot me an email :, hit the investment button and send an inquiry, or go ahead and sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive any and all information about deals and specials I am offering for senior graduated throughout the year.  Senior photography is so unique and different from the next.  Let’s have a consult, talk about how I can serve your photography needs and let’s get you booked!!!  Kimberly Gore Photography has photo sessions with your goals in mind.  Can’t wait to hear from you.

Brooksville Fl. photo session | Chinsinghut Hill |Trey & Damon

Hernando County child photographerOh how I just adore the kids I’m blogging about today. I’m lucky enough to say I’ve been photographing them for 3 years now! I truly can’t believe how much the children have grown and changed since I first met them.Just last year we had our session at Pine Island.  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Aren’t these two just ADORABLE!  Their personalities are exploding when I see them.  It is a true blessing to have such well behaved, fun and full of life families to work with.Back to this year’s session now, let’s just dive right into these two and let me update you on what they have been up to.

These goofballs aside from monkeying around, laughing and having a great time day in and day out, have been spending their summer hanging out, watching movies, going on their family vacation and as usual, hitting the hockey rink.  Trey is 9 and still involved with hockey and Damon is now 4 and has taking a liking to guitar.When Tiffany (Mom) called me to take their photos again, I don’t think I could have scheduled them fast enough. And as for the day of the shoot, I had so much fun! They had a pretty great time, too.  Aside from it being the typical Florida summer weather, I think we got some awesome shots before the sweating started to show.I asked Tiffany what she enjoys about her photo sessions with KGP.  She replied, “It’s very relaxed. It is always nice when your photographer embraces your kids active ways.”  Thank you Tiffany.  It is my goal to provide exactly that to my clients.Okay, enough text. Check out some more photos of these two cuties.



Brooksville Florida first birthday photo session |Serenity is one and she’s cake smashin’


Hi again, everyone!

I have a hard time facing the fact that little Serenity is already a whole year old. But you know what 1-year-old birthdays mean? Cake. And smashing cakes, of course! Serenity will be 1 on July 18 and her parents Josh and Cierra couldn’t be more proud of their baby girl.

Before I get to the adorable photos I know you came here for, I have to share pictures from her previous session with me at the families holiday photos. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone!


Since then, she has been enjoying playing patty cake, bath time, sweet potatoes and strawberries.  Serenity is crawling, walking, babbling, having conversations, says mama, dada, baba, and waves hi and bye.

And that, my friends, brings us to her 1-year smash the cake photos.

Cierra and Josh gave her a quick nap prior to the session and boy was she ready to go when the photo shoot began. This session was filled with pink and gold and CAKE! Gotta have the cake!



As you can see, Serenity thoroughly enjoyed her smash the cake session.  I know I’d have fun playing in cake!

But what happened before all the smashing’?  Check out some pictures “before the smash” occured.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks blog post.  Thank you for always coming back to pick up what I’m putting down. You all mean the world to me!

Mermaid photo session |Pine Island Beach | Hernando County Florida |Jessica Lynn – Real life Mermaid




    A mermaid session isn’t one I typically offer, but when Lacey, Jessica’s mom, approached me with their vision, I had to bring it to life for them!
    Let me introduce you to Jessica Lynn.  She is a 14 year old, going into 8th grade, lover of water and her mermaid tail. Jessica has always loved mermaids and pretty much became one around age 8. She loves practicing her swimming with her tail every chance she gets. So naturally, when the idea of a mermaid photoshoot came in to mind, they came to me with their ideas and I helped bring her vision to life.
      1. Jessica and her friend are currently working on the new season of their YouTube channel show,

Mermaids from land

    1. !  Check them out !!



Jessica, just keep swimming!!  You are such a joy to be around and I was honored that you asked me to capture these for you.

Kayla and Phillip


It is with honor to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Machnicki to my bloggy blog word.  Phillip and Kayla came to me about 1 month before their wedding.  They wanted to have a small ceremony on the beach with some close family and friends.  Despite the windy day, these two said their vows infront of their loved ones and never took their eyes off each other the entire time.

Please enjoy some photos to showcase their ceremony on the beach. Congratulations Phillip and Kayla.  I wish you everlasting joy and happiness.





“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

30Meet Rhy, Class of 2018 graduate from Saint Leo University! Doesn’t she have the coolest name ever? Yeah, I think so, too! She is not only an absolute sweetheart, she is also funny, so kind and totally laid-back. Working with her was so much fun, it really didn’t feel like work at all. It was all play and I just love everything we captured during her incredible shoot.

Growth, patience and perseverance are the words  she described herself  while in school and on this journey.


Rhy earned herself a Bachelors Degree in Social Work just like her friend Kendra who you remember from a couple posts back.  Take a few moments to high-five your screen and give Rhy a virtual “way to go, girl”!

 Her outfit, as you can see is a cute little dress accompanied by some good old fashion chucks!  Just love the look, Rhy! It showcases her personality as I expressed above.

Rhy’s goal in life is to further her education and obtain a Masters in Social work. She has the drive to promote social justice and fight for all those who have had their voices silenced or sadly, never got the chance to find their voice.

I thought it would be different to give my client the opportunity to give a shout out to those who have supported her during this process.  She wrote: “Shout out to my family, especially Kevin and my grandmother.  With a special shout out, in remembrance of, my Uncle Tom who showed me that a positive mindset can offset any challenge, disability, or lift struggle in front of you.”   Beautiful words, Rhy.  Prayers sent to heaven to your Uncle Tom.  

Keep up that drive, confidence, and stay close to those who love and support your decisions and you can do anything.  Rhy, I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing day! You’re the best. Look forward to more sessions in the future!

Sam, Nicole & Co.


I just adore the family I’m blogging about today. I’m lucky enough to say I’ve been photographing them for 3 years now! I truly can’t believe how much the children have grown and changed since I first met them. Actually there were only 3 kids when I first met Sam and her wife Nicole.

Nicole “momma”, loves baking anything and everything!! And they all love eating it! I will have to remember this for the next shoot.  A photo shoot for some baked goods 😉

Sam “Mopa”- has a love for every sport! Her favorite team is the University of Tennessee!


And, it goes without saying, Sam and Nicole have become some of my favorite return clients. It’s hard to not feel this way when their kids just light me up when I see them.  Especially my friend Kolt. Kolt is the oldest sibling at age 10. This boy has me doing such wacky things to keep his attention on me.  Kolt is non-verbal and has special needs so I love to  sing to him and even makes “zombie” voices getting him to laugh! This past time I went all out and even jumped over a stool to get him to laugh.  From what Sam tells me, I’m one of the few people he’s smiled for.  I take great pride in that and I’m totally tooting my horn. Toot Toot.



No, but seriously, this kid is a beam of light and shines on every person he meets. Touches your heart in a different way, can’t explain it more than that!

Next in line is Charliee.  She has the biggest heart and at age 6, she is the family princess that loves unicorns and her brothers! She does an amazing job being sister and best friend.

Now on to Maddox.  This little man is one tough cookie.  His poor little leg was stung by a wasp…that is right a wasp.  He cried for 2 minutes and then he was back to taking pictures. At age 2, he is my hero!  I would have been down for the count if that happened to me.  Sam tells me that he is their daredevil who goes 100 mph! He also loves all sports!


And last, but definitely not least, this little peanut is Dax. Dax is 2 months old and their newest addition.  He loves to smile at his siblings, but his favorite thing to do is  eat. Me too Dax, me too!


I normally don’t blog much about my mini sessions, however I wanted to introduce my followers to this family and their adorable addition.

Please enjoy a few more photos from the session.


Kendra : St. Leo University Graduate


Welcome back!

Today I want you to meet Kendra. Determined, strong, and changeable are the words  she described herself  while in school and on this journey.

As you can see, Kendra is beautiful but looks aren’t the only thing she has going on.  Kendra  is a graduate from St. Leo University who just earned herself a Bachelors Degree in Social Work with minor in Psychology.   Take a few moments to high-five your screen and give Kendra a virtual “way to go, girl”!

It was a great pleasure working with Kendra.  She was so much fun to photograph and I loved her easy going personality.  She came prepared and ready for her session with ideas in mind for posing, which I loved!  Her outfit, as you can see is a gorgeous shade of green, that compliments all the pieces she wore with her cap and gown.

I thought it would be different to give my client the opportunity to give a shout out to those who have supported her during this process.  She wrote:

My boys De’Andre and Na’Sir are one’s who have been on this school journey with me the longest and I want to thank them both for being on of the main reason I went back to school. Also, my partner Elysia, the last four years she has been so supportive of me finishing up my AA degree and coming straight into my bachelors program and for taking on more financial responsibilities. Lastly, my nieces Ra’Niyah and Millie thanks for coming into our home 1 month before I started this Saint Leo’s social work program and adding more stress to my life (lol) because of you two I did not give up. I love you all and appreciate you all in your own special way.
Love, Always, & Forever
Mommy, Kendra, and Auntie

Kendra, you will do great things in life!  Keep up that drive and continue to pursue all your dreams and goals.  I wish you the best and look forward to hearing an update from you with more goals you have crushed!