Maya Hope


So here is the other half of that dancing in the water session you took a peek at last week.

This is Maya Hope Lenamon. She is a creative 8 year old who loves to think out of the box.  Maya isn’t afraid to try new things and this photo shoot made no exception.

Maya and Katie, as you know, have been best friends since they were 2 years old!

Maya has danced at csod since she was 3 and is currently taking ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatic, lyrical, hip hop and musical theatre classes.  Goodness, I’m tired just typing all that!  Keep it up Maya!!

Aside from all the sand that was in the costumes after the photo session, we all had such a fun time documenting this point in their lives.


Maya and Katie have a beautiful friendship. They share many likes as most best friends do.  Keep up all the hard work Maya. Hard work ALWAYS pays off in the end!

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