Jameson Emmett turns one!!!!!!

23It’s hard to believe that this was my fourth time photographing the very handsome and dapper looking Jameson Emmett. I still remember just how I met his parents at our first photo session for their maternity pictures. I was told this AMAZING story of how they won an In Vitro Fertilization (a.k.a IVF) giveaway making their entire IVF cycles absolutely free!

Just to pull all you fabulous readers up to speed on how Jameson is their gift from God, I will tell you the story of Danny, Kalyn, and their blessing, Jameson Emmett.

The story:         When Danny and Kalyn decided to have a baby, they thought just like everyone else, this should be easy! About 18 months later, there they were, two very emotionally drained people who thought it just wasn’t in the cards. They were recommended to the Florida Fertility Institute in Clearwater to see if they could be provided with more answers or solutions as to why.  IVF was already crossed off the list in their minds… expensive and unsure on idea of it.
After some hours of many medical tests, the news came through…… they were told IVF was their only option to conceive.    I promise is gets way better from this point though.  It’s heartbreaking to hear this. Can’t even image how heavy their hearts were. After a couple of weeks of much praying and discussions with their family, they decided to give IVF a chance. Knowing the  financial commitment and that it was not a guarantee to conceive, they had the support behind them.
During those two weeks, which was in November, they made a trip to Disney World  to disconnect from the situation.  Because who doesn’t love Disney, am I right??

Kalyn will never forget sitting on one of the resort buses and going on the Florida Fertility Institute Facebook page, just to check it out. They had posted a link on their page to an IVF giveaway for Christmas. She filled out the form, sent it, and completely forgot about it. This was even before a decision was  made to try IVF.

It was shortly after Christmas that when they returned to Florida Fertility Institute for the pre-IVF appointments and planned on going to the bank to talk about loan options for the roughly $12,000 IVF cycle.

Don’t stop reading now…….this is the best part!!

The week before the appointment at the bank, Florida Fertility Institute called Kalyn’s phone during work. She is a teacher and was in the middle of teaching, so she assumed they were calling to make the next appointment or give  more information. Naturally she didn’t answer it. When she finally listened to the message, the IVF coordinator said she had some really important information for her and that she needed to call back as soon as possible. As anyone would, because I know I would, Kalyn freaked out thinking that something was horribly wrong!! Of course, when she called back, it kept going to her voicemail.  Really????  I know, of course that is what would happen…

Finally, in the middle of another class, the cell phone rang.  Now you don’t think she let that one go to voicemail, did you? Well, SHE ANSWERED!!! The IVF coordinator proceeded to bring up the IVF giveaway from November!! This was January! She was told that her and Danny had been chosen as the winners of the giveaway and that their IVF cycle would be absolutely free. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?”      Oh yes Kalyn!!!!!!! Through the tears of joy, Kalyn returned to her class and keep teaching like life was normal! As soon as she  could, she called her husband, Danny’s  classroom.  I did’t mention that, did I? Yes, they are both teachers.  She told him, then her mom, and then the whole family to share!!
On March 17th, 2015 was the beginning of a long, emotionally-draining process. Anyone who has gone through it can tell you that the injections are not fun, and that it really is mentally exhausting. Danny and Kalyn just kept telling themselves that it was all for a reason and that God was in control of their situation. Without that assurance, Kalyn doesn’t think they could have done it.
After the injections, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer, on April 23, they had a pregnancy blood test. POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On top of it all, the fertility institutes hired an incredible camera man to document the entire process. He was at every single IVF appointment, and was such a blessing to have through this journey. He sure did an excellent job!
Needless to say, Danny, Kayln and anyone who knows Jameson Emmitt thanks God every day for him. So many people played such an important role in just making him possible. I don’t know if he will ever know how much he is loved, how much they prayed for him, or how incredible he is! But dang, kid… you’re pretty freakin awesome!

The one year session:

I truly cannot put into words just how much I looked forward to photographing this little fella. When Kalyn contacted me for his one year birthday session, she told me she had this vintage shoot idea and that she was just gonna roll with a few family heirlooms. I was stoked as the plan came together! Aside from the brainstorming that was running though my mind, I couldn’t wait to see him again.  I had the pleasure last November to photograph him, his parents and Aunt’s, Uncles and even grandparents.  It was such a lovely session to have such of a large family together for capturing some memories.

With every session, he had changed so much, and the same is true now that Jameson is a 1 year old! Kalyn says Jameson is already running and MUCH more vocal.  That’s right my friend,  run and yell!!!!!This butter churn was the cherry on top for me.  I mean really, how can these photos not make you smile!

Mom and Dad told me they wanted to take some photos with his “blankie” which apparently is his most favorite thing… well this big one year apparently decided that the blankie is a thing of the past once we gave it to him…. So we settle for a just a couple pictures with the blankie….he really threw a curveball at his parents!!!  Goodbye baby, hello toddler!

They really grow up so quick, don’t they?   “For parents, just be patient and relaxed.  More natural behavior always seems to produce much better pictures!  Also, don’t be afraid to act silly to get a great time!  Kim will be silly right along with you,” says Kalyn. I’m so glad to hear she had as positive of an experience as I did. I feel like we’re all practically family by now!

Okay, that’s enough chat for now. Let’s move on to the pictures. I can’t wait to show you just a few more.  Here’s Jameson in all his 1-year-old glory!



Thank you Danny and Kalyn for bringing such a blessing into this world.  He brings everyone smiles and is just so much fun to hang with.  He’s one cool dude.  I can’t wait to see what his 2 year photos will be like 🙂

Oh!!!! and for those of you who would like to see more about Danny and Kalyn’s IVF story, here are three links that can take you to their amazing story.  Grab your tissues. It’s a beautiful story.




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