Hernando County| Springstead High School| Prom 2019 | Silverthorn Country Club

Congratulations to the SHS upcoming class of 2019. But before we graduate, it’s prom time, right!?

It was an honor to get to to know these 6 individuals and see the excitement on their face right before entering into their Prom.

There were people EVERYWHERE! So many couples getting their photos taken by photographers, parents, and of course, selfies 🙂

We had to work fast before it was time to get your tickets out and head inside for the party.

Karissa, Bobby, Desirea, Joey, Madison & Jacob all looked stunning. Some have been friends since childhood. I had so much fun listening to stories from their parents about them as friends from their childhood and now women and men with their boyfriend/girlfriend at their sides.

Bobby, Madison and Joey are the 3 friends since childhood. Let’s take a peek at some of the photos from their gallery.

Congratulations on graduating high shcool! You are all destined for great things.

Adorable couple : Bobby and Karissa.

Adorable couple: Joey and Desirea

Adorable couple: Jacob and Madison

Thank you again to these awesome seniors. I hope you all had a wonderful time at prom.

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