Grosos Family of three!



I’m sure these two parents look fairly familiar.  Let me just refresh your memory with the past two photo sessions Kimberly Gore Photography had with them.

Now you remember, right?!?  That is right, the baby finally arrived!  His name is Abel. I was the lucky photographer again to have them in front of my camera…..eeekk!

Let me just introduce everyone again. Starting with Justin…the wonderful and amazing father as his wife Mackenzie puts it.  Justin was in the army and is now home with his family.  He is enjoying every second of his time with his son Abel and wife, Mackenzie.  Justin unfortunately was still overseas when Abel was born, but the bond these two have is undeniable.  I mean seriously, how adorable are these two together?

Makenzie, is Mommy, Wifey and an all around superwoman in many peoples eyes.  She was so graceful and strong throughout her pregnancy and delivery.  I give her so much credit for her faith and grace in God to bring Justin home to her and Abel.  Thank you Lord for bringing him home safe.  She, just like Dad, has a bond like no other with Abel as well.  The love of a momma is like no other.

Then there is Abel.  An incredibly loved little boy. He was 6 months old at this session and the sweetest little thing ever!!

I emailed Makenzie for some feedback on the recent session and what her favorite part was.  She wrote: “I always love our sessions with you because you capture the most beautiful and memorable pictures of our family, but this time was special because we have an addition to our family! My favorite part was when my husband and I were encouraging Abel to smile and he would give us a big grin that melted my heart!”

Thank you Mackenzie, but the pleasure was all mine.

I am so proud to have added another session to my Kimberly Gore Photography files with this family. I am so blessed to be able to do this work.  I love every bit of this job and all the amazing people I get to me along this journey. I’m gonna stop typing here and just show you some more of this adorable session. That is what you really are here for, afterall.


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