Damon + Trey


So adorable, right?

Damon and Trey are some super fun kids. What personalities on these two!

Their mother, Tiffany contacted me a few months ago to get these two boys their annual photo session. I was excited when I got the message, as I remember when she booked with me last year for their photos. Another returning client, hooray!

“This is our second shoot with Kimberly. Since These boys are so active, even with a candid shoot they can be difficult to reel back in, but Kimberly embraces it and does an amazing job at capturing their chaos in an amazing way!”  Thank you for such sweet words, Tiffany. I’m so honored! I must say I was happy to know that they enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed them!

Damon is the oldest, incredibly smart and a very determined young boy. He loves being outside running free or at the hockey rink watching his brother skate.

Trey is outgoing, smart, and athletic. While he loves to play all sports, his choice of sport is hockey.

Mom and Dad did a wonderful job preparing them for our session. They tried to do outfits comfortable and appropriate for the beach. Tiffany let their oldest pick his outfit to avoid day-of meltdowns as she told me.  Good thinking, Mom!
They brought items that are special to each child. For Damon it’s his hockey stick and for Trey it’s his favorite “dragon” monster truck.

Another successful shoot with these boys.  Thanks again to their Mom and Dad for hiring me for their annual photos.  I enjoyed every bit of the shoot.

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