Brooksville, Fla. | Chinsegut Hill | The Arcaro’s

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”
My photography clients are always so fabulous to work with. That’s true of my session with the Arcaro family, too! I heard from Danielle last spring when she saw my work from one of her co-workers.  I am so grateful for the referral because these three ladies are such a delight to be around.

Our session was the weekend of Thanksgiving.  While the weather was fine, it was these ladies and their little fur babies that made this photoshoot such a joy.

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Brooksville, FL. |Friends Photo Session



This group of friends was just so much fun to photograph. We never ran out of ideas! I think we could still be shooting if it wasn’t for their dinner reservation and the lack of light.

Nicole came to me to discuss a  photoshoot idea with her friends as a gift to Thomas from the other 4 members of their group.

Nicole and her friends have been friends for many years. Each of them, who she met during different times of her life, holds a special place in her heart.

She said they wanted fun images to show the special bond and of course, their outstanding personalities.  This session is so awesome because it had no special occasion (well aside from gift), but their friendship is now shown through these photos.  I don’t know about you, but that right there is a pretty cool reason for a session.

Let’s talk outfits!!!

In our consultation, Nicole wanted the opportunity to change outfits and be able to shoot in different locations.  We collaborated and came up with a game plan.

They all did a great job coordinating their outfits for their “themed” locations.

The silliness was on overload. But when it was time for that serious shot, this crew pulled it off on a level like no other! I am now officially OBSESSED with Friends Photo Session. How can I call this work??? It is so much fun!

They turned it up a notch and added in a photo of their late friend/brother. Such a sweet way to pay respects and show their love.

If you are interested in a fun session like this with your bestie or tribe, contact me!  I’m currently running a YOUR WAY MINI! The best part, it is your way! Customized to YOU!

Find more details here and here.

Brooksville, FL |Chinsinghut Hill Manor House| The Gregson Family


Oh hey there, friends!

Another  family on the blog today who has been having me photograph them for several years. I’m lucky enough to say I’ve even photographed the Gregson family more than once each year too! I truly can’t believe how much the children have grown and changed since I first started photographing them.

Let’s look back on their first shoot with Kimberly Gore Photography.  You’ll see big changes with the kids, and Mom!  She’s totally proving now that blondes have way more fun!

3Let’s talk about these adorable kids:

Porter: Now in 1st grade!! He is still a big fan of Star Wars and loves everything soccer.

Liam;  A big boy in Kindergarten now, attends gymnastics and still has a party everywhere is goes!

And little baby Declan is now 2!  Yes two years old…ugh, my heart is crushed.  Why do they grow up so quickly?  He is developing a great love for soccer and wants to be involved in everything his brothers are in.

No, I did not have access to all these animals.  Well maybe the dinosaur was there 😉

When Ashlea called me to take their photos again, I immediately began counting down the days to our session!

And as for the day of the shoot, I had the usual  fun! They had a pretty great time, too.


Spring Hill, FL |Anniversary photo session of John and Margret


It is always a pleasure getting to know clients who have such a long lasting love for one another.   These two have been married for 44 years and have had the blessing of 5 children.

John and Margaret met and married while John was stationed in Germany.  He was serving in the army and eventually they ended up in upstate New York. For many years they enjoyed life there, but eventually moved to sunny Florida.

Five kids and nine beautiful grandkids later,  they still enjoy spending their free time together, traveling, and bringing their family together.  Spending time laughing, and taking it day by day is their secret to success and staying friends after 44 years of marriage.   They have created an incredible family, filled with laughter, hugs, and great German food!.  Cheers to many more years together.

Mark 10:9 – “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Pine Island Beach | Weeki Wachee, FL | Chris & Deanna beach themed photo session

27These two lovers are getting married in the next couples weeks.  I am so excited for them and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

This session was taken before the big questions was popped and I just want to showcase their gorgeous photos.  Beach photos are so fun and I encourage anyone who loves the beach to invest in a photo shoot at one.

Deanna and Chris, I wish you love and happiness.

Downtown Brooksville | Family Photos |Brandie, Antonio & family.


This family right here brought so much light on a cloudy and thundery day.  No, seriously, it rained and thundered all day up until the hour of the session.  I met this family in downtown Brooksville for their family portrait session.  We were so blessed to have been able to get so many amazing photos in the hour’s time before it continued to begin to rain again.

Let me introduce you to Brandie, Antonio, Ti’Najhay, Ashtyn, Jaleiah, Brinyh, and their mic drop, Savanna.

We started off this gorgeous session with a little love and cuddliness.  brooksvillefamilyphotos15

These two were so cute and cuddly.  I just love photographing couples. I feel like their love just jumps off the images and you get those warm fuzzies within you. Well done you two!

Now, let’s showcase these 5 amazing siblings!



Ti’Najhay, the oldest. An honor roll student in 8th grade who is super helpful at home and being the oldest has become the “mother” of the bunch.  From the short time I spent with them, you can tell she has such a great way with her siblings, she’s creative and her mammas life saver.

Ashyton, the lonely boy of the crew.  He is an honor roll student who loves to cook and eat. While he is very protective of his sisters, he has that love hate relationship every sibling has. I could understand that though… four girls, one boy…he is way outnumbered and bound to get ganged up on.  But none the less, loves his girls with all his heart. brooksvillefamilyphotos48
brooksvillefamilyphotos41                                                                                         Jaleiah, the sweet little soul that she is.  A gymnastic, pizza, and fashion lover. She is so loveable and loves to talk. Her personality shined through her images.

Briniyh, a photogenic fashionista who colors, enjoys reading, loves flowers and hates broccoli.  She enjoys watching t.v., Descendants being her favorite show. Her smile is so big and she laughs a lot.

brooksvillefamily-photos6Last, but not least, as Brandie says, their “mic drop”, Savanna.  She turned one over the summer and has brought so much joy to their lives. She is the boss and runs the show! He personality is really starting to shine more and more everyday. She has an equal love for bathtime and dinner time.



We finished off the session with some good ole’ sibling competion. Who do you think won? On your mark, get set, GO!brooksvillefamilyphotos58

Brooksville Fl. | Family Photos | The Paff Family.

Hi again, everyone!

Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so fabulous to work with. That’s true of my session with the Paff family, as well! Doesn’t hurt that Katee (Mom) just happens to be one of my dearest friends for well over 10 years.  Katee, you are one of a kind. Our friendship grows stronger each year and I love that we are on this motherhood ride together. SMOOCHES!


I met up with them at a local farm in Brooksville, Florida and the weather was perfect for photo-taking. Not too hot or bright.  Small wind every so often. While the weather was fine, it was the this lovely group of people that made this shoot such a treat.  Gonna give shout outs to Katee’s mother, Karen, who was fantastic assistant to not only Katee and her family, but me as well.  Hats off to you, Karen.



This beautiful family consists of Nicholas, Katee, Georgia Paige Zachary Nicholas.  Katee and Nicholas are expecting their third child now and I am over the moon excited to take their family of 5 photos. Aside from being amazing, loving, patient parents, they are a blast to be around.  There is never a dull moment as the fun and jokes never end. They are all very lucky to have one another.



I hope you enjoy the pictures.  See below for some more teasers from our session!

Thank you again, Katee, for another year of photos and friendship.

Wine Not! Once Upon a Vine, LLC | Spring Hill, Florida | Wine making just got easier and way more fun.

Once upon a vine ribbon owners

It is with great pleasure to showcase Once Upon a Vine and it’s store front on the blog today.   Pat Bassett and Lori Stover had brought Spring Hill a fun way to get out with friends and make their own wine. They offer wine making instructions and assistance in the store front as well as offering retail sales of wine making supplies to anyone who would like to do so in the comfort of their home.

Take a peek a their store as well as some images from their ribbon cutting ceremony with the  Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce.

It was an honor to be asked to document this day. Thank you so much Pat and Lori.

Head on over to 13177 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34609 and enjoy the experience of creating your own personalized wine!  Pat and Lori are there to help!   wine28

They offer 10% off for present and retired military, first responders, and educators. You can also check them out on Facebook.  Go ahead, check it out, tell them I sent you! Make your own wine with your own personalized labels. It’ll be a fun way to spend time with family and friends.


Brooksville Florida family photos | Chinsinghut Hill Manor House | The Jensen duo.

Brooksville Photographer

It brings great joy to my heart when I see these kids.  Aside from seeing them when I photograph them, their family holds a special place in my families hearts as well. I look forward to seeing all our children grow together as we continue our friendship.

Logan and Emerson have grown up so much since their last session with me.  Emerson was a bit unsure about her first session, however I say the entire family did a stellar job.  Let’s look back on a few of those images.


Emerson is now walking and talking.  She will be celebrating her 2nd birthday in the next few months. How adorable is this little one?  Seriously, that adorable hair and gorgeous set of eyes!!!


Logan is now in Kindergarten and will be starting soccer in the Fall. He has such a great personality and had me laughing the entire session with his silliness.


Always a fun time with these kids.  I love their energy and how cute they are when together. Nothing better than a siblings bond.


Props to Mom (Kendall) for making this blog post filled with just the pretties of colors.  I just love the way you coordinated everyone for both past and recent session.

Brooksville Florida family photos | Chinsinghut Hill Manor House |Dana, Pete & their party of 5!


Now I can’t even describe to you how much I adore Dana and her family.  Now I’m gonna get a little sentimental on you.  Dana and I go back….like way back… no seriously, I’m talking Kindergarten 1987.

Yup, for those of you didn’t know my age, you can now figure that out.

If you are interested in hearing about this, keep on reading… otherwise I give you permission to skip my trip down memory lane and get straight to the photos. Although I will tell ya, me and Dana…we were so dang cool! Even before we entered the crazy world of 3 kids.

Meeting in Kindergarten, back in Staten Island, New York, we became inseparable. Once we found out that we were born hours apart, we immediately connected as did our families.  As every girl did growing up in that era, we had sleepovers, made up dances to Ice Ice Baby and the Humpty Dance! Enjoyed talking about New Kids on the Block, the boys in our class, and so much more! Who remembers the Humpty Dance!!!!!???

Right before third grade began, Dana had taken a terrible fall off her bike and hurt her leg, keeping her out of school for a significant amount of time.  I’ll never forget all those days bringing homework to her and just hanging out with her while she was unable to go out and play.

We made it through third, fourth and fifth grade until I found out I was moving to Florida after my fifth year of school was over.   I was devastated to say the least.  That last summer was one I won’t forget.  I think we spent almost every day together with sleepovers from my home one to hers.  Swimming in our pools and having all the girls over for group slumber parties ,playing girl talk and that silly Ouija board.

After the first year of living in Florida, Dana and her family came to visit.  We stayed in touch and I visited a few times but then one day I got an amazing call.  They were moving to Florida!  And to Spring Hill!!!! I couldn’t believe it!

I had already graduated high school and was attending college away from home. It was so great to come home and see her.

Time has past and we now have families, but the past will always be in my heart.  I have so many AHHHMAZING memories of my childhood because of this girl.  It’s so great to see her when I do and her beautiful children.  Pete, you’re not so bad yourself 😉

Now onto this family and the photos, shall we?

Beach days and family outings to Busch Gardens are just a couple of the things the Gressick family enjoys doing together.


Braelyn is 6 and the oldest of their crew.  She enjoys learning all new and interesting facts.

Kendall, the “middle child” is 4 and loves to dance.

Logan is the “baby” and like most boys, he likes his superheroes.


This is my favorite photo! This is real life, people! The kids are hot, dirty and spent! The parents have given up and decided that they have reached the dark side. It is so normal for this to happen. As a mater of fact, 9 out of 10 sessions with kids around this age, tend to end with the parents saying……”okay, we are done!”

The pictures get processed and tears are brought to their eyes when they realized I was right when I said, “I promise, you are going to LOVE your images.” They forget all about the chaos and remember the memories of that session and all the fun they had when looking back at what I captured for them. Real life, real love, real moments, real memories.

I asked Dana about her favorite parts of the session.  Here was her answer:

Capturing those moments you don’t normally get to capture… like when the wheels started falling off and the porch became a jungle gym, Kim was able to capture one of my most favorite snap shots of all three of my kids jumping off the porch. Moments like that are what made our session so special.

Don’t stress, Kim will be sure to capture every essence of your beautiful family.



Thank you to Dana and Pete for always coming back to me! Your family is beautiful and a joy to “work” with.  If this is work, I never want to stop!