About Kim


♥ Hey there!!  My name is Kimberly Ann Gore.  I serve the families, children and couples who are looking for fun, creative, candid images by delivering high quality photos with a VIP service.  I found that most people don’t realize how fast time has flown by until the past is in the past and the moments are now memories.

I help my clients preserve those memories not only in a digital image, but in gorgeous albums and beautiful wall art.

I make sure that each photo session tells a story and that the albums are amazing quality to be handed down for generations. I feel that in order for my potential clients to truly appreciate, crave, and trust my work, they should know, like, and TRUST me FIRST.  It is an invite into your space and circle.  First, I’m inviting you into mine. Here’s a bit of what Kim is like. This my new friend, is the just the beginning of a beautiful thing. I can’t wait to hear about YOU!

Based in Spring Hill, FL and surrounding areas, but born in New York. I have lived in good ole’ Spring Hill since 1993. I met my husband in high school, left for college, but yes, made my way back to my home town.  Jason and I live here with our three crazy busy kids.  I’m a soccer mom, dance mom, chocolate lover, coffee lover and chocolate-coffee lover and overall “extra” person. I pretty much have a party everywhere I go, especially while I sit in those awful pick up lines at school.  Me, 80’s or 90’s music, and my voice, which by the way, will never win me a prize in a karaoke contest.  Forewarning ya’ll.

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and all around goofball. If you’re looking for me outside of photography, soccer, dance and those pick up lines I mentioned, you can typically find me snuggled up under one of my many throw blankets with at least one of my three kiddos, usually with some sort of snack in hand. I’m a lover of staying home with my family, playing games, dancing, cooking and eating.  Man, I love to eat. Although I don’t always make this from scratch, pizza holds a deep place in my heart. Who doesn’t love pizza? Contrary to what many may think, I love to sleep.  I could actually sleep all day if given the opportunity. If not that, I will take laying in my bed and doing nothing all day.  Then the end of the day comes, I get all irritated with myself for being so unproductive….but……. I get over that in about 5 minutes!

I have always been that creative person, even from the beginning when I picked up a crayon or making my cousins and sister perform in some show that I felt I was the director of.  We would collect tickets and make our family watch us and I loved every second of being in that spotlight on “stage”. Never made it to Broadway or Hollywood, but it was just another part of me that helped me fill that creative urge.

As I got older, I ended up channeling my creativity in writing for High School, (I will never win a grammatically correct award for any of my posts or newsletters) but I’m okay with it if you are.  When I went off to college, I actually wrote for their newspaper, was Chief News Editor (insert shoulder dust-off) and wrote some pretty awesome articles.  One actually getting the dean’s recognition.  She said that I “wrote from the heart and people can hear a voice when I  write”.  I do hope that many of you enjoy getting my emails and reading my blog posts.  I try my absolute best to not be boring, when the majority of you are there just to see the photos. That is me and who I am, and I love all of you who have joined me during this season in my life and those to come.

While I live and breath for my family now, photography actually gives me LIFE!  I have spent the last 7 years just getting my toes wet in photography, thanks to my husband, Jason.  He saw this gift in me and pushed me to pursue it. Not as a side hustle, but just to have a creative outlet being a stay-at-home momma.  It was something I never even thought about doing or liking, but the second I took that first picture of my son, and I saw the focus on his giant baby blues, I fell in love.   I am thankful for each day that  God gives me and I look forward to all the plans he has for me in my seasons to come.

My work:

Some of my portraits are not typical; but neither are you. I strive to provide high quality, consistent images, that WOW my clients with a fast turn around time. This business has given me the ability to LOVE and SERVE my amazing clients, and it is so incredibly rewarding.  Photography for me is not just about taking snapshots, but an opportunity to give you a chance to celebrate one another and create memories. Before you hire me, you’ll quickly find out that I’m more of a friend than a vendor. I try to make my personality shine first and I like focus on your experience from the beginning. I do my best to showcase that I (not just my work) am worth every penny you invest. I strive to have memorable times with my clients beyond the service relationship. My clients are my tribe and I value each of you so much.

live life, take pictures, make memories, repeat


I love what I do and thank each of you for giving me this opportunity! I work hard to represent who YOU are. My family and friends have been so tremendously  supportive as I slowly grew this business from the ground up. Thank you to each and everyone one of you… you know exactly who you are.   xoxo   Now let’s order pizza!