Engagement Photo Session | Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Boyko

These two were so easy going and IN LOVE! Couples are so much fun to photograph.  Throw in a couple who is getting married, I’m beaming from ear to ear.

Since 2014 these two have been sharing each other’s company. Often seeing each other on the soccer field in middle school, then again after high school at soccer tournaments in Clearwater, Billy finally worked up the courage to ask Amie out.  With a common interest of soccer (if you haven’t noticed by those legs above) it was so apropo for Billy to propose to Amie on the soccer field.   Amie described the proposal below:

“Billy and Lily took me to a soccer field to play soccer. After playing for a while, Lily ran back to the car to get her drink she forgot in the car. She came back with a huge wrapped box. When I looked over at Billy, he was getting down on one knee. Lily handed me the box and they both watched me unwrap several boxes decreasing in size (that Lily has wrapped in duct tape of all things). When I finally got to the last box, Lily was inching away to give us privacy and Billy asked me to marry him.”

I seriously LOVE a well thought proposal.  I’m even more impressed that Billy incorporated Lily (Amie’s daughter) into the proposal.  Well done Billy, well done!

Their upcoming wedding will be held at Strong Tower Winery and Vineyard.

I am honored to say they chose me to be their photographer and I just can not wait till this garden themed wedding is here in just TWO MONTHS!

Billy and Amie, I am so excited for your upcoming wedding.

Please enjoy the remaining slideshow of Billy, Amie and Lily!


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