Darth Vader


Okay, so some of you may have thought I entered the dark side recently.  But, it’s totally opposite.  I am seeing the light more than ever right now!

I am so happy to showcase this little 2 year old and his love for Star Wars and Darth Vader. I have been photographing this adorable boy since he was in his momma’s belly.

He brings me so much happiness when I see him.  Jameson would not be the loving boy he is if it weren’t for his outstanding parents, Danny and Kalyn.  Thank you both for being true to who you are every single day.  You do wonderful for your family, friends, students and photographer 🙂

Until next time, “May the force be with you!”   🙂  Check out this adorable little Vader.

Pay attention to the mood changes of little Vader.  The last one has me crying!!!


And that is a wrap.  He is pooped!

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