The Davis Family | downtown Brooksville

The Davis Family

Super excited to be showcasing this family.  They are a fun bunch and they LOVE to laugh, especially Kim…Mom right there hanging on her hubs, Ron.  I am pretty sure she had stomach pains after this sessions as she laughed throughout our time together.  Times like this make my job easy as pie!

Gonna jump right in to some family photos and then I will tell you all about what I learned about this lovely family who met me in downtown Brooksville, Florida.


What I learned about this family is that they really enjoy traveling.  Be it on the water or in the mountains…when it is time to enjoy some rest and relaxation, that is where they head towards.

Kim is a  retired deputy who retired early to home school Emerie, her youngest daughter pictured. Home schooling her daughter was a cinch to Kim and she and Emerie really excelled in it.  Kim quickly got bored and then  started re-purposing furniture and then……. boom,  Country Rustic Decor was born!

Married to Kim is retired Sargent, Ron.  Ron was able to join Country Rustic full time in April.  Aside from being quite the handy man at Country Rustic, he also loves college football and his boat.  Ron loves to fish, but hasn’t been able to do that much lately with the business being so busy.


One of their daughters is Jordan.  Jordan was a deputy for several years, but is now a full time RN Student. Jordan puts most of her time into school.  She loves what she is doing and enjoys being so busy with her studies.  Jordan is also very helpful at the shop and she has a love for Disney , working out and reading.

Then their is the  feisty 10 year old, Emerie. She is homeschooled as I wrote above and barrel races horses. Barrel racing is a rodeo event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a cloverleaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time.  I was pretty impressed when I heard that!  Aside from homeschool and barrel racing, you can usually find her reading a book.  Being that of a Harry Potter fanatic, you might just catch her reading one of the books from the Harry Potter series.


Kim and Ron also have a son , Aaron.  Aaron is currently serving in the army, so he and his son Colt were unable to attend this family photo session.  They will be home permanently within the next month or so and I look forward to meeting him at our next session to capture the entire family together.  Aaron also loves the water and will return to his job in law enforcement while beginning school in the medical field.

Now let’s get the scoop on the  local small business is Country Rustic Decor that Kim and Ron built from the group up.  They build custom furniture, repurpose furniture install barnwood walls and do TONS of DIY Workshops.  It is so simple…. you go to their workshops and build projects from wood and leave with a finished project! I just LOVE the idea of this.  They are located at 3280 Commercial Way, Spring Hill. You can find them on their Facebook page  here.  Instagram: here   and you can also join going their text notifications to be the first to be notified of scheduled workshops. Text “DIY workshop” to 31996.  <——–what are you waiting for… head on over and get your craft on people.  Tell them I sent you.

I recently sent Kim a request on her overall experience and I would like to share her thoughts with you all.

“We loved having Kim photograph our family.  She never made us feel rushed or uncomfortable.  She had awesome ideas for poses and took tons of shots. We had only met Kim once before at a friends gender revel party and she was immediately likable and professional. I knew right away I had to book a session with her.  We met in Downtown Brooksville and immediately she had a plan to start shooting and made us feel relaxed and comfortable. She quickly asked what we had in mind as far as poses and she went to work, she had great vision for the settings, landscape and backgrounds of the photos.  She took alot of natural poses and let us be ourselves.”

I asked Kim what she chose the Brooksville location:

“We chose Downtown Brooksville because we wanted a southern hometown setting.  My husband was born and raised in Brooksville and I wanted the smalltown brick road and brick buildings as our location.”

Please tell me some of your favorite images captured:

“My favorite pictures were the one where we sat on the curb in front of the old house, and the one of Emerie with her chin on her hand and the one of Jordan close up, and of course the 2 girls together.”

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