Pine Island Beach, Fl |The Garrett Family| Maternity Session| Becoming a family of 5!


It is with great pleasure to showcase this lovely family with my KGP friends today. Meet the Garrett family. Patrick, Stacie, Lillie and Evan.  This fun crew was such a tremendous experience for me.  Hang around, because I’ve got a lot to say 🙂

I met Stacie through a mutual friend.  Boy am I glad I met her.  She and I have so much in common as she is too a photographer here in Hernando County.   A few months back, Stacie and I met at this mutual friends house where both our families attended a birthday party.  She and I got to talking and the rest is pretty much history.

A month or so later, Stacie reached out to me to come to her gender reveal party and capture the BIG REVEAL.  Here is a shot from that party, along with a few other details from that fun and exciting day.

I can not wait to meet this little girl.  They decided on the name Marlie Jean. Stacie and Patrick said this name has been picked out for 9 years. When she was pregnant with their first child, Lillie, her name was originally going to be Marlie, but she just happened to have had an epiphany one day and changed it to Lillie because she wanted her to have Stacie’s middle name. So they decided that if they ever had another girl, it was Marlie Jean.

Fast forward to now, at 32 weeks along, it is time for the maternity session. We met at Pine Island and immediately got to work.  They weather was a bit chilly but the sun was strong.  As long as no one went into the 40 degree water, we were all A-OKAY.

Stacie wore two dresses. The main dress was a decision based on the color that she is currently drawn to, the weather this time of year and the location on which they chose to have the pictures done. She said she knew being January they had to be warm, but also wanted it more casual. The second dress she uses when she captures gorgeous sunset images for her own photography clients.

Stacie already knew this, so I didn’t have to remind her to be natural, so she went right into the session laughing and enjoying every minute of it.  Being the one who is always behind the camera, I know how nice it must have been for her to finally be in front with her family.  The kids seem to have a great time as they savored this experience the few short weeks before becoming a family of 5.  When I asked Stacie how her experience was, she replied, “I had a great experience! Even with my husband not really loving the idea of photos of himself (which turned out amazing), we captured real smiles and candid laughs which is my favorite part.”  Thank you, Stacie… these words mean so much to me.

Let me introduce everyone from this family to you all!

Dad, Patrick is a kind-hearted person who always keeps his family laughing and playing games around the house.

Mom, Stacie, another local photographer who runs Rustic Feather Photography and  is usually behind the camera rather than in front of one.

You can check out her work on Instagram here  and her Facebook page here.

Lillie, the oldest daughter who is a dancer, artist, and all around creative personality.



Then there’s Evan who loves to play baseball and he can’t wait until his new little sister arrives!

Patrick has been great to Stacie during this 3rd pregnancy. He is her team mate in every sense.  He’s right there to help take care of things that make a huge difference in their already busy life.

During Stacie’s pregnancy she has been able to catch up on a book series.  She loves to read, but photography has been pretty demanding for here, especially during the holiday season.

One of her cravings during this pregnancy has been potatoes!

I really had such a great experience with Stacie and her family.  It takes a lot to trust another photographer and get yourself in front of the camera.  I really give her so much credit.  It was a bit nerve-wracking knowing  that you are photographing another photographer and you hope in the back of your mind that this is exactly what they were looking for.  I’m always pretty confident in myself, my talent, and craft, but I can’t say that I wasn’t nervous going in to this session.  I am so happy with what we produced from the session and look forward to another session!  Thank you so very much Stacie and family. Please enjoy some more photos I wanted to share from this session.


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