Goal Digging in 2018 | simplify and attack! Better late than never.


Now how about that! A new year and month all started on a Monday. Now I know most of you would probably argue that the week starts on a Sunday, but for me, it is a Monday.  Sundays for me are more about relaxing, family time and preparing for the upcoming week.  Now when your brand new year starts on a Monday, now that’s something to get excited about!   A time to start fresh and get re-motivated. Is this the year for starting that new job, making health a priority, getting organized, or becoming debt free? I’m up for all those above. I’m sure many of you are just like me when you have this new energy for anything that you are trying to change in your life or business and are ready to just attack those goals.  So I have decided to start this year off a little bit differently and step away, just briefly, from showcasing work.

I have been busy.  So busy with things that are important, but are not THE important things.  Get my drift?  So I took a long staycation from Photography and my everyday chaos.  I cut myself off from the social networking, put an auto response up on my email and let the laundry pile up for awhile…..Probably a little too long, but who is keeping score.  I want to thank each and every one of you who respected my time away to be with my family during this Christmas season.  It was much-needed and I’m so glad I made that decision.

I hope you all have taken some time away from all the busy things that we do during our every day life and spent more time with your family.   It is so important. For me, I see my kids growing up so fast.  The time with them is flying by and I will never get it back.  It is so easy to just go through your day with all the motions, but are you truly being productive with your time?  Are you really organized with spending time with family, work, extra activities that involve the kids, you, your spouse…blah blah blah…the list just goes on and on.

I sure know I could use a bit of organization in my life.  So I decided to make some to do lists. Pretty lists that were simply easy to keep on my fridge with a simple magnet and follow it.   One piece of paper…. not a planner.

So here it is!   I’m sharing it with you.  My simple, yet very useful way of time management.  My GOAL DIGGING TO DO LIST.

It’s nothing fancy, nothing too crazy, but to me, it is EXACTLY what I needed. A place to tell me what and where I needed to write certain things to get me through the day.

So go ahead, click GOAL DIGGIN FREEBIE to get the PDF.  Save it, print it, and print it again.  Print as many as you want.  This is my gift to you for starting the new year off right.  We all could use a bit or organizational help. Completing a small list will help you feel more accomplished than a large list with many things that will “have to wait til tomorrow”.  There is even a spot to track your water intake!  Print it big on the entire page or scale it down and print it with 4 small lists.  It’s yours to keep and do as you please!

Feel free to shoot me an email or comment below what you will be “goal digging” this year.  I’d love to hear!

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