The Hanse Family

Hey there, hey!!!

So let’s just talk about the Hanse family! My have these kids grown since I last saw them.



On the weekend, you can find this family boating, swimming , or riding bikes through their neighborhood.  Which leads me to talk about our location for this session.

This was my 3rd time photographing the Hanse family.  In the past, we went with beach/tropical themed settings. This time, Danielle was looking for a bit of a change.  Since their recent move to a new neighborhood, she and her husband, Brian, scoped out this hidden gem!

We had this session scheduled before Irma hit, and sadly we had to cancel because of rain.  So when the second time around was approaching, Danielle contacted me the night before and we changed the time from an evening shoot to an early morning shoot as it was calling for rain AGAIN around the time we were going to start our session.  It was a good decision too, because she was right!  The rain came down exactly when our session would have been.

We all had a great time together that morning. This is Madison and Dylan. Madison has a love for animals…including her brother. Dylan enjoys the outdoors and all things in nature… even frog farts… which no one will understand that, but when Danielle reads this, she will get a good laugh.

Thank you Danielle and Brian for having me capture some fun times with your family.  You both are great company and your kids are adorable.  It was so nice to see everyone doing so great and I can’t wait for our next session!

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