Say hello to Mikaela, a 2017 graduate from Central High School.  When her mother, Christine, first contacted me about a session, she wrote that she wanted me to photograph her daughters senior portraits.  I love when I get emails like this!  No questions about the business, prices, locations, nothing!  Just, I need to book my daughters pictures with YOU!   They knew they wanted me and my artistic style and I was pumped from that first email for this session.

When our session began, I had learned so much in the first 10 minutes.  Mikaela would be graduating top 4 in her class.  She will be attending UCF to study, and is very interested in medicine. She has a passion to work with children and babies.

Mikaela has had Andre who is her boyfriend for more than two years in her life.  Along with Andre, who is  a great support system, her parents and family play a major role in her success.  There is a lovely bond between Mikaela and her mother, Christine.  A bond that every mom would want for her and her daughter.

Mikaela had told me in our pre-session consult that she had a love for books.  She has always loved to read so I thought we should showcase that in her photos.  I just loved the way we incorporated these books into our session.

It was great working with you, Mikaela.  You are blessed with a very loving and supportive family.  The relationship you and your mom have is very special.  Cherish that!  During our session, she had such pride on her face.  You have made her and your father exceptionally proud.  There are no limits, girl!  Keep reaching for those stars.  I wish you so much success after graduation.

I’ve included in this post some favorites from her portrait session below.  Sip your coffee, tea, or wine and enjoy!





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